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As a childminder it is a requirement to have a paediatric first aid course (12 hour). David was a very competent trainer, offering an excellent balance of visual and practical information.

I never felt under pressure to perform but appreciated the opportunity to use the manikins as a practice aid.

Paediatric First Aid – Ashbury – July 18


Working as a childminding assistant this course has given me the confidence to deal with a variety of situations that may occur within my setting with competence and care. The trainer (David) was knowledgable and clear which made the course content easy to understand.

Paediatric First Aid – Ashbury – July 18


Having not come from a clinical background all the content was new to me. The content was delivered in such a way that I was able to retain the information and remember the skills I had learnt. I enjoyed that the session was interactive and hands-on, and the role play scenarios helped bring that knowledge to life. David was thorough and fun, and made sure the learning was at a pace that even a complete beginner like me could easily follow.

Betsy Charlton Primary School

When I did first aid previously, I was working with the elderly, so today meant I could learn about first aid with children. I came away feeling confident and well equipped to face any first aid challenges. The way the training had practical and powerpoint was effective. I particularly enjoyed the practicals as it gave me chance to try out what I had learnt in a safe and nurturing environment. Thank you David.

Emergency First Aid at Work – Charlton Primary School – Jan 18

Jackie Health Care Assistant

A very informative update. Discussing changes and new products, showing their usage. Scenarios very interesting and fun experiencing events that may happen. Helping to guide your thinking if the occasion arises.

Thank you. Well done David.

Basic Life Support Plus Training – Church Street Practice Wantage – Jan 17

Denise Nurse

David provides a non-threatening, yet professional and very informative environment for our BLS training. Another excellent session.

Basic Life Support Plus Training – Church Street Practice Wantage – Jan 17


The information was given in a way that is easy to remember. The trainer is very knowledgable and approachable. The session is fun and friendly which helps with the serious nature of the topic. It could become a bit overwhelming.

Basic Life Support Plus Training – Church Street Practice Wantage – Dec 16


Previous courses have made me feel uncomfortable and ‘silly’ but David’s course was made interesting by the introduction of new information, which shows his knowledge of the subject and that he keeps himself current and upto date.

Basic Life Support Plus Training – Church Street Practice Wantage – Dec 16

Kate Guide Leader Oxford

Dear David,
Thank you so much for coming to talk to the Guides. I thought the session struck exactly the right tone given what has been happening recently, and I think you did a great job of equipping them with a few tips that the leaders hadn’t thought of either. I really appreciated the emphasis on being prepared but not scared, and the insight into so-called ‘stranger danger’ – I think your comments that not all strangers are dangerous and not all those you know are safe is very pertinent. I also strongly agree that knowing more about this assault and those like it shouldn’t stop the girls or any of us from living our lives. I will continue to reinforce this with them.
Kate – 10th North Oxford Guides – 11th October 2016

Kate 10th North Oxford Guides

Dear David,

Thank you very much for a really successful self-defence session with the Guides.

Best wishes,


Personal Safety Awareness Training  – 10th North Oxford Guides – July 16