Assertiveness Training

The Mouse, the Monster and Me

Definition of assertive, passive and aggressive behaviour.

My Personal Rights

Identifying personal rights and situations where they can be violated.

Responsible and caring assertiveness

The needs, feelings and rights of others are central aspects of assertion.

Getting things clear

Re-enforcing/clarifying definitions.

How assertive am I?

Student’s self-assessment.

Where will we start?

Appropriate assertive behaviour. Individual goal setting.

Joining in

Social skills – introducing oneself and joining in.

Making requests

Assertive ways of asking for what you want.

Saying ‘No”

Exploring and practicing ways of saying ‘No’

Dealing with Persistence

Practice in dealing with persistence.

Accepting a ‘No’

Showing respect for the rights and decisions of others.

Positive Self Talk

The power of positive self talk.


Dealing with criticism

Resolving Conflict

Skills for resolving conflict


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