Breakaway & Self Defence Classes

Our courses are run over a 5 week period – 2 hours per week (10 hours total) or a 1 day – 8 hour course. (Shorter courses are due to continual training whereas a weekly course will refresh skills learnt from the previous weeks).


The course covers:-

  • UK Laws relating to Self Defence,
  • Pre-emptive strikes,
  • Understanding the flight, fight and freeze response,
  • Practical principles against various grabs, holds and attacks.


The two courses cover the same aims and objectives with plenty of time to practice each principle before moving on to the next principle. No previous experience is required to attend this course. All fitness levels catered for. Suitable Age 16 + (please contact us if you require this course for under 16’s)


Each course can be specifically tailored to meet the individual’s needs or requirements. For further information, please contact us using the enquiry form on the contact page.